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updated 11/9/22

About Coastal Craft Kombucha

We are Long Island’s local craft kombucha brewery.  We started as a homegrown operation dedicated to offering the most memorable and flavorful drinking experience possible.  Since our official start in 2015 we strive to reinterpret kombucha as a beverage people grab first for enjoyment with health as the added bonus.

Our team is small, passionate and dedicated to the creative craft process inside and out from product to packaging.  We take pride in offering the highest quality product and service that is authentic, unique and welcoming. 

Jump on the flavor wave as we become the craft kombucha leader in the tri-state area.

Production Manager/ Brewer

Your Mission:

  • Manage and perform all brewing and production operations in order to put out the highest quality and most enjoyable kombucha on the market.

  • Bring a level of autonomy and pride while working with management to plan production needs to meet sales demand and growth.

  • Work creatively with management on flavor and product development.

  • Perform and upgrade existing production procedures in order to maximize efficiency and quality.


  1. Perform all production and operations procedures in accordance with standard operating procedures, while seeking out areas of improvement to implement with management through SOP updates

  2. Maintain proper testing and record keeping to ensure quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

  3. Understand all facility and brewery equipment functionality and performance in order to maintain and operate it effectively.

  4. Plan production schedule that meets existing supply and demand across all sales channels of roughly 60-80 barrels monthly with the ability to expand on that plan for increasing growth upwards of 80-120 barrels monthly.

  5. Understand and work closely with management on formulation and recipe development with the ability and drive to do so independently.


Core Competencies:

  1. Big Picture Thinking:  Ability to work from the end product backwards to ensure all areas of production are planned in proper sequence for efficiency and quality.

  2. Self Motivated Worker: Eager and willing to direct yourself and others in order to achieve and exceed production goals.

  3. Strong Communicator: Use clear, cohesive verbal and written communication skills in order to maintain proper record keeping and effectively communicate collaborative efforts with other team members and management.

  4. Mechanical Thinker:  Bring a general mechanical aptitude and eagerness to build on it in order to operate and maintain equipment while also having a willingness to learn and operate on new equipment and systems.

  5. Focused Problem Solver:  Autonomously maintain a level of focus and patience when faced with unforeseen challenges or disruptions with the ability to address problems effectively and work with other team members and management to come up with solutions.

  6. Collaborative Worker:  Bring a team player mentality to support and communicate with all teams and management to meet company standards and growth 


Company Values:

  1. Connection: At Coastal Craft Kombucha, connecting with our community comes before the sale. They inspire us to do what we do.

  2. Passion: Our passion for creativity drives our exploration of unique flavors. It’s what fuels us to reinterpret the kombucha experience.

  3. Balance: Come as you are and enjoy the experience. Find the balance between flavor and health.

  4. Authentic: We use real ingredients to create real flavors.

  5. Craft: It’s all about the process. We aren’t afraid to commit more time and energy if it means you will get a better product and service in the end.


  • 1 yr minimum experience in a brewing or food/ beverage production environment.

  • Experience with Google Drive and Google Calendar

  • Mechanical experience with plumbing and or electrical preferred.

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